Blå Jungfrun (national park)

National Park Blå Jungfrun/Blåkulla


The season for Blue Virgin 2021 is over

More about Blue Maiden, paste the link http://news.discovery.com/history/archaeology/witchcraft-island-reveals-evidence-of-stone-age-rituals-150923.htm

Blå Jungfrun is a fantastically beautiful island offering many exciting experiences. The red granite cliffs wish were polished during the Ice Age rise 86 meters above sea level in the middle of Kalmar Sund (the strait between Kalmar and Öland). Experience the island’s Chamber of the
Virgin (Jungfrukammare), the church, potholes, the stone maize and the leafy deciduous forest rich in different herbs. Do not forget to take a bath among the cliffs in the unusually clear water.

The view from the peak is amazing. At clear weather you can see the lighthouse of Dämmaren in the south and in the north the northern cape of Öland. When visiting Oskarshamn a tour to this mythical place is a must.

Pictures: http://lindring.se/public/www.lindring.se/solkust/

Price: adults  SEK 360, youngsters between 7 and 15 SEK 180, children under 7 free
Family price 2 adults and a 3-5 children SEK 950
Departure from Norra Kajen in Oskarshamn and Ferry harbour in Byxelkrok

Booking: "ON LINE". For information about changing call answermachine +46 491 19777


Oskarshamn       Byxelkrok      
Oskarshamn Avgång BJ Ohamn   Byxelkrok Avgång BJ Bxkrk
Måndag 9.30 11-14.30 16.00   Måndag ingen övernattning från Bxkrk på sön.
Tsidag 9.30 11-14.30 16.00   Tisdag 12.30 13.45-17.30 18.15
Onsdag 12.15 13.45-16.45 18.15   Onsdag 9.30 10.45-14 15.15
Torsdag 9.30 11-14.30 16.00   Torsdag 12.30 13.45-17.30 18.15
Fredag 12.15 13.45-16.45 18.15   Fredag 9.30 10.45-14 15.15
Lördag 9.30 11-14.30 16.00   Lördag 12.30 13.45-17.30 18.15
Sönsdag 12.15 13.45-16.45 18.15   Sönsdag 9.30 10.45-14 15.15


day before the trip after 8.15 pm.Information about deviations is given on an answer machine +46 491 19777 the







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